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  • Niraiya
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    Stay Away, Step Away for Windows VPS.

    I recently purchased VPS-3 4CPU and 4GB ram, it took a day to setup my website (Static file hosting for Single Page Application) in VPS which has very less workload.

    Suddenly my website was down and VPS is suspended, without any notification from hostworld.

    They told VPS was penalized for high CPU usage, I didn't do anything wrong.

    Portal shows I need to upgrade 3 CPU in order to enable immediately, "you can remove 1 penalty every 7 days yourself".

    I am in this industry for 10 years and we can't control the CPU utilization from user end.

    Good thing is they re-funded my amount. But I need to raise a ticket to refund the amount after cancelling the server.

    My questions:
    1. One day investment went waste on setting up the server.
    2. Why there is no email notification for penalties
    3. Why there is no email notification for VPS suspended
    4. Why can't you provide a VPS with 95% max utilization, so it cannot be Penalized
    5. Why user needs to pay 100% of money if they cannot use 100% CPU? (Don't say it is in TOS)
    6. Finally they told, it is due antivirus scan (Ticket : 699355). Why user is Penalised for antivirus scan.
    7. My website keywords gone down, who will pay for that.

    I got a bad response in trustpilot and it was changed now.

    Windows is not a light-weight operating system - My reply "Then remove Windows VPS from your service list"

    We did not suspend your service at any point. - My reply "200% lie, VPS was in suspended state"

    Finally, Static file hosting for Single Page Application will not take 100% CPU, 4CPU and 4GB ram is over kill for this, please get some basic knowledge.

    Forcing the user to upgrading the server, or server will be offline for a week and we had paid the invoice in advance.