Jules Destaing
Rikoooo has 1000's of add on Aircraft & Scenery files for FS/x-P3D (and MSFS 2020). Some 'Virtual Airlines' require aircraft not included with the stock Flight Simulator - but Rikoooo has them!! The scenery files increase the realism of the flight experience (Sharpening mountains, moving rivers or valleys to their 'real' locations. Adding realistic cities and/or airports. It's my 'go to' for anything Flight related.
Michael Burns
By far the best simulation website I have come across. The installer made it extremely easy for beginners like me to install high quality freeware aircraft. I would recommend this site to any who are looking for great aircraft, easy installs, and helpful and responsive moderators.
Gary Hoadley
They have a great site, that caters for all flight simmers, no matter what level or product one owns. They don't push add on purchases. All downloads are free and have self extractors and installers. There is a wealth of free information and the site is updated on a regular basis. I have used Rikooo for a few years and have never encounted any problems. One more thing. They do read comments regarding addons, and respond. For me, it is proberly the best site on the internet for anything to do with flight sim. Give it a go folks, you will not be dissapointed.
Does exactly what it says, got 12 months Jumbo with 40% off and could download anything at my maximum speed from Thailand. So, I give 5 stars.
Kefi rami
Quality of add on and variaty of sceneries with a good interface .
Raphael Poretti
super choix